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4 things to avoid a dry beard.


This is definitely a no no! I know, I know! It’s so easy to lather your entire body with soap and just include your beard, right? No!

Please don’t!

Body soaps, shampoos and face wash are not created equal. If your daily regimen includes you lathering your manly beard with your manly parts then you are doing your beard more harm than good.. Soaps, shampoos and face wash are made of certain ingredients that can dry your beard out. This is why I only recommend washing your beard with products that specifically use the term “Beard” in it to cleans with. HARSH CHEMICALS

This may shock you, but some of your favorite body/face/hair cleansing products have harsh chemicals in them that will strip all the moisture and shine from your beard. Items that list Isopropyl Alcohol, Chlorine, Mineral Oil, and Fragrances in their ingredients shouldn’t even go on your body much less your beard.


As a barber, I know what an incredible difference beard dyes can make for the visual appearance of your already awesome beard. Beard dyes are loaded with chemicals that alter not only the color of your beard but the texture itself. Chemicals such as ammonia hydrogen peroxide and p-phenylenediamine will chemically alter your beard texture along with the color. Try to minimize the use to twice monthly or possibly only special occasions. i will do another blog soon on the different beard dye products i like and to specify how and when I decide to use them on my clients.


Sometimes, your beard is just dry due to a lack of maintenance and care. Look at your beard like a plant. Care for it! Like your hair, your beard is constantly shedding and growing, which means you need to provide a little TLC to it each week. Make sure you are combing, washing and moisturizing your beard. Just as there is low maintenance, too much maintenance can also be a bad thing. Overly cleansing and moisturizing could also be why your beard is dry. My advice is to stick to one regimen at a time, be consistent and watch your beard perform. Make adjustments as needed.

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